Rejs Statkiem Legenda
Legenda ship

Legenda is the only paddle-wheel ship in available Poland and it’s design has been inspired by the traditional river paddle steamers which were popular all over the world in XIX/XX century.

Rejs Gondolą po Wiśle

Gondolas are the vessels you really enjoy riding on – stylish traditional wooden boats, each of them able to accommodate up to 12 passengers.

Rejs Katamaranem po Wiśle

Luxurious boat for up to 12 passengers, equipped with loudspeakers, mini bar and comfortable seating area with tables.

Barka Arkadia - Restauracja na rzece Wiśle w Krakowie
Barge Arkadia

Arkadia barge (Barka Arkadia) serves as the main harbour for all our vessels and as the restaurant with an opened sunny terrace with a perfect view on the Wawel Castle.