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Grill na statku Legenda

Legenda ship

Weather you plan a private crazy party, a company meeting or an unique wedding, Legenda ship is the right choice. Choose the route: either within Krakow or to Tyniec, decide if any additional services such as catering are needed and enjoy your private cruise.

Legenda is the only paddle-wheel ship in available Poland and it’s design has been inspired by the traditional river paddle steamers which were popular all over the world in XIX/XX century.


HoryzonT ship

This is our largest ship we have on offer, we can take up to 150 people on board. Choose the route: either within Krakow or to Tyniec, decide if any additional services such as catering are needed and enjoy your private cruise.

The Horyzont ship is 30.5 m long. It reaches a speed of up to 18 km/h. There are over 200 passenger seats on board and in the forward (with barge) and aft lounges. The crew consists of 4 people.

rejs gondola po wisle

Traditional gondola

Traditional gondola is a perfect choice for the romantic cruise or a sightseeing trip. Rent gondola for a private cruise and enjoy beautiful sights of Krakow by day or by night. Gondolas are the vessels you really enjoy riding on – stylish traditional wooden boats, each of them able to accommodate up to 12 passengers.


Luxurious catamaran

Prefer to spend the cruise on a luxurious vessel? Want your fiancée to remember that evening forever? Or make sure that stag party will start with something extraordinary? If yes then renting a catamaran for a private cruise is a perfect choice. Let us take care of the catering and drinks and enjoy your memorable moments on the luxurious catamaran. Luxurious boat for up to 12 passengers, equipped with loudspeakers, mini bar and comfortable seating area with tables.

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